Lifestraw Mission

LifeStraw Mission 12L

Must-know info:
* $130
* 21.4 ounces
* Filters up to 18,000 liters
* Filters bacteria, protozoa and viruses
* 0.02 Micron Filter
* Can’t sustain freezing

The LifeStraw Mission is not the first gravity-fed filter that can purify for viruses. The earliest designs had painfully slow flow rates. Even for the Mission, filtering to 0.02 microns takes a toll. It has a maximum flow rate of 0.2 liters per minute, and that’s going to slow down over time. At best it will take 10 minutes to fill a 2-liter water bottle — this is not a filter to use on the go. On the other hand, it’s a fantastic camp filter, capable of filtering a few gallons while dinner is cooked. The design is well-thought with nice attention to detail. There is a quick-release attachment from the bag to the filter line, which makes it easy to keep the filter away from contamination while filling the reservoir. Although bulky, the filter is easy to flush after use, extending its life to an impressive 18,000 liters. Coupled with an alternate on-the-go option, or good planning for a full days hydration, the Mission works like a charm.

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