"I didn't realise it was a world record barra, but I knew it was a snodger.” — Denis Harrold

Kayak fisherman Denis Harrold recently landed a monster barramundi—or barra—on a lake near Bundaberg, Australia, according to a report in the Mackay Daily Mercury. Weighing 98 pounds (44.6kg) and measuring 53 inches (135cm), the barra is an unofficial world record, and about 15 pounds heavier than the previous record barra.

The big fish bit on a slow trolled 130 Squidgy slick rig soft plastic in black/gold coloration, according to Clinton Heathorn’s story. Further, “Mr. Harrold hooked it on a ‘really light combo’ because he ‘likes to accentuate the fight.’ Once it realized it was hooked, it peeled 80 (meters) of line from the reel before crashing across the lake's surface,” the story says.

“When I heard it crash I knew it was a big fish,” Mr. Harrold said. Mr. Harrold then uttered the immortal words quoted at the top of this story. Nice fish, indeed, Mr. Harrold, and thanks for introducing us to the word “snodger” too. —Tim Mutrie