Champion angler Andy Cho set an unofficial world record earlier this week, snagging a 225 pound blue marlin from his kayak in Hawaii. The two-time Makahiki Tournament champ showed the big-game boys in their Bertrams, and the rest of the fishing world, how a He Waa Kalawai'a (canoe fisherman) reels in a trophy marlin, unassisted. In an excerpt from the tale in Aqua Hunters, Cho tells how the fight went down and why he's the champ, with a photo for proof:

“thanks guys for all the support here is a quik run down of how things went down. i was out on a solo mission and had already caught a couple of live opes so i was trying to head out to the depths. i saw couple of of huge swirls so i thought maybe big ahis. then the reel went off and the marlin was tailwalking straight for me, i had drop the pole and start paddling i seen it pass in front of the yak by 5 feet just under the surface.

i thought that was kinda nuts so i decided to give stevo a call and see if he wasnt busy, he loaded up and came to watch my back. he got there after about an hour and it was mostly an up and down fight from there a couple times it ran straight down 150 fathoms. after i got him up and killed it with stevos new kage that he got from uncle ji i tried to tie him up to my yak on one side and paddle but that wasnt happening. so we strapped the marlin as tightly between the two yaks and both paddled on one side to get it in. it turned out to be only a 2.5 mile paddle.

i was so stoked that my bro came out to watch out for me or i could have been in some trouble. i was even more stoked that i got to shave my beard cause i made a deal with my bro that i wasnt going to shave till i caught a fish over 100# on my yak. its about time. Aloha"

Representing Hawaii in style, Cho continues to break record after record, and reel after reel. In July, 2008, he hooked a 74 pound Wahoo that smoldered 450 yards of line before being landed. According to his brother, Steve, "the reel he hooked it on never worked again." Making kayak fishing history this week, Cho takes kayak fishing to its deepest fathoms and paddles back home, again, with the trophy.

–David Meacham