IN THE WORLD OF KAYAK FISHING, JIM SAMMONS IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Probably because he knows how to catch really big fish from the seat of a kayak. He’s already started filming the third season of The Kayak Fishing Show on the World Fishing Network, and his Kayak Fishing: Game On DVD series defines the genre. We asked the globetrotting fishing celeb to share a few favorite spots from the show and his life-less-ordinary. – as told to Joe Carberry

Jock Bradley


We shot with Pesca Panama, a floating lodge, and we’d move every day to a different location. It was absolutely phenomenal fishing, inshore cubera snapper, blue trevally, and a great variety of really big fish: I landed a 124-pound yellowfin tuna.

After fishing all day, we’d head back to the lodge, have cocktails, dinner and do it all over the next day. The fishing is really diverse: live bait, throwing lures into boiler rocks, fishing the swamp zone with crocodiles and monkeys screaming above.



This was another floating lodge, moored in a remote cove near Prince of Wales Island way down the panhandle, almost in British Columbia. We fished with Howard McKim of Ketchikan Kayak Fishing, and he put us on big halibut, lingcod, and rockfish. And the wildlife and scenery were incredible. An orca whale breached right near me. The lodge was amazing. They fed us like kings: halibut and spot prawns cooked out on the beach. We got lucky, it was June and we had sun all day.



We got two marlin during filming. The best part when you’re down there is you always have the potential of getting big game fish every time out. It’s easy to get to, inexpensive, and there’s the potential a mile off the beach of hooking into a huge fish whether it’s a rooster or a marlin.

We stay at Punta Colorado. They do meals and have a great bar. It’s semi-remote so once you’re there, you’re there. You just fish and paddle hard all day. I love it.


Best Meal – By far, the best cookout we did was in Georgia. We did a huge shrimp and oyster feast. There’s a bunch of private islands off the coast of Georgia. This guy owns several small islands with a big luxury cabin he rents out. They supply all the groceries, whatever you want. The best part was that we all cooked together: The shrimp bowl, Oysters Rockefeller. We just ate and drank beers and told stories. I’ve never fished, or for that matter ate, with somebody I didn’t have a great time with.