By Paul Lebowitz

Lamoureux decked a 156-lb bluefin tuna off Cape Cod in Nov 2009, for a time the heaviest kayak-caught fish. It's still easily in the top ten. Since then, he's cultivated an air of mystery around his exploits, leaving doubters in his wake. Some of that is due to Lamoureux's unconventional approach. For instance, he paddles a short sit-inside.

Takeaways from the latest video: Motoring! It takes a huge fish to generate such a crazy sleigh ride. Near the end, we see the fish towing him backwards (slowly). That's another indicator he had a monster on the end of the line, as is the violent snap when he breaks it off. However, we have no way of estimating the weight.

Lamoureux doesn't indicate that he saw the fish (got it to 'color,' meaning up to the surface), so we can't be confident of the species. The line breaks just a few feet from the rod tip.