National teams from across the world are off to Ivrea, Italy, where the newly restructured whitewater channel of the Dora Baltea River will host the opening act of the 2016 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup, June 3-5.

This will be the city of Ivrea’s first time holding a world cup event. An occasion that has been highly anticipated following the finished restructuring of the whitewater channel this past winter. With the assistance of Whitewater Parks International — a group which has been involved with both the London and Rio slalom courses — the whitewater churning through the city center of Ivrea has increased substantially.

Athletes, such as kiwi extreme-racer, Mike Dawson, have already voiced their enthusiasm for the channel’s difficulty.

Adding to the excitement will be the slalom cross event, which may be more familiarly known to many as boater cross. In an effort to liven up a largely unchanged competitive whitewater racing program, slalom cross is scheduled to appear regularly in 2016 ICF events. Providing a fresh perspective for spectators, and competitors, on the slalom scene.

Watch the action here, or visit the ICF Planet Canoe Youtube page for additional event feeds and replays.

Tune in for the finals:*

Saturday June 4
8.02a – 9.27a — C1M, C1W, K1M

Sunday June 5
7.02a – 7.57a — K1W, C2M
9.30a – 11.00a Slalom cross final

*All times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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