Since 1973, Canoe & Kayak has provided paddlers of every style and ability level a timely, definitive guide to destinations, gear, and technique, plus the stories that inspire everyone to get out on the water.

Over the years, C&K has evolved to meet consumer demands from the world's largest paddling publication to a digital-first format that delivers award-winning editorial to a discerning and engaged audience of worldwide paddlers, leveraging the largest social-media footprint in paddlesports.

The vast majority of our stories are still written and photographed by established freelancers or the C&K editorial staff, though we are open to new story ideas and contributors.

We publish original stories, photographs, videos and multimedia projects through as well as our social properties on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. We also refer content and contributors to our sister paddling titles, Kayak Fish and SUP, as well as our distribution partners at GrindTV.

We rarely run unsolicited articles. Your best bet is to fill out the form below with a short, original, and very succinct query about your idea, the photo or video imagery available to illustrate it, and your writing background/availability.

PLEASE READ THE SITE AND VISIT OUR CHANNELS BEFORE SENDING A QUERY. Your query should demonstrate that you're familiar with the site, its editorial focus and tone, and its specific sections. If you don't have experience with canoeing, kayaking or rafting, save your query for a general-interest magazine. C&K is written by and for people who are passionate about paddling.

We are looking for two types of stories. High-res photos and good quality video are a bonus for both.

– News, event, gear, expedition report and photo-driven stories with a quick turnaround time (less than 600 words).

– Profiles, destination, rigorous gear testing, shoestring adventures, trend and analysis (less than 1,500 words).

Please note if you know WordPress basics.

We need high-resolution, gallery-quality, non-doctored photographs of canoeing and kayaking expeditions, destinations, events and personalities. Paddler ID and location metadata captions necessary.

Instagram? Tag @CanoeKayakMag in an image or note your handle in the form below.

We are not a film-production financier. We have an editorial budget but to manage expectations for a typical one-time, no-travel video of at least 30 seconds, we don’t have much more than $100 in our rate ballpark. So please do not submit pitches based around elaborate action visuals to offset fancy camera purchases and pricy travel itineraries to distant waterways. While we appreciate it, we don’t need porn. We need story. We need visual reporter-filmmakers. We are most interested in short-form vignettes that communicate information about paddling destinations, personalities, skills and gear.

We need information and news that is a concise resource for paddlers. Treat you camera and the microphone attached to it as both paintbrush and tool to extract and record information that is worth conveying to other paddlers. Your editing software platform is your word processor used the same way you would type out a reported story. Add voiceover for necessary context. Any artistic and dynamic visuals are a positive, and welcome, byproduct.

We know that video is not fast or cheap or easy. Can you tell your story with clear and clean words and excellent still images? (See TEXT and PHOTOS above.)

Can you argue the worth of devoting more resources to your story? Sell us on it in a compelling note below. Please note relevant sponsors or connections you can bring to the table to help finance and offset production costs, working with us to develop and distribute an original story.