With the Whitewater Kayaking Freestyle World Cup well underway, 120 international competitors are headed from the first World Cup site on the Ottawa River to Watertown, NY to compete in the Blackwater Challenge, World Cup #2, September 8-10.

“A half-hour show is being produced here on the Black River, to be aired in December on the Outdoor Life Network,” said Tom O’Riley, representative for the World Cup. “The show will illustrate the lifestyle that paddlers have chosen while pursuing athletic excellence, hoping to compete in the Olympics down the road.” Having been recognized as an “official” Paddlesports discipline internationally, Whitewater Freestyle is now eligible to be included in future Olympic schedules.

“Watertown is proud to be hosting the 2nd of three World Cup events,” he said. “It is a classic industrial city that is rediscovering the value and potential of its downtown river, and is supporting the event and TV show to illustrate a commitment to whitewater sport.”

The final World Cup event will be held September 15-17 on the Caney Fork River, Rock Island, Tennessee.

To view the event details and results, visit www.worldfreestylekayaking.com.