HOT SHOTS – For your viewing pleasure – waterfalls, waves and boats from California to Canada.

THE INSIDERS – a C & K exclusive report: Six local paddlers dish their secret stashes.

GREASE GOSPEL -Hitchin’ a ride with the Oil and Water Project in Panama. By Joe Carberry

PHOTO ESSAY: DOMINICA – Pirates in the Caribbean. By Grayson Schaffer



GREEN MACHINE – Dagger and Pat Keller go green.
By Jeff Moag

JET KAYAK – Mr. Bakers wild ride. By Jeff Moag

OFFLINE WITH TODD GILLMAN – An interview with the Range Life’s core crewmember. By Joe Carberry

STIKINE SPANKING – Mark Cramer gets in over his head. By Joe Carberry

BIG NAMES – Ben Stookesberry show EJ the ropes for his latest flick Hotel Charley 2.By Jeff Moag


DRYTOPS – Gotta have one.By Jeff Moag

KAYAK REVIEW-Our crack lab team test drives 2007’s new rides.


POUTINE POWERED – A (different) grease-poweered journey in Canada. by Raymond Schmidt

THROW A PHONICS MONKEY – Expand your palyboating repertoire with Bryan Kirk
PUNCH THAT HOLE- Tyler Curtis shows you how

THE GAULEY RIVER – Make Your Guide Proud


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