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THE ZAMBEZI WAVE – Steve Fisher and Dale Jardine take a trio of surfers through the Zambezi River’s tubular theme park known as Rapid 11. Photography by Alan van Gysen

STIKINE MAINLINE – Stay in the current. Stay together. Don’t stop. It was a simple strategy to mainline the Stikine in less than a day. But a violent thrashing puts the expedition in doubt.
By Grayson Schaffer

THAT’S RIGHT BIATCH! -Party all night. Paddle all day. With bold moves on the water and off-the-hook sessions away from it, the crew of Young Gun Productions is creating its own Dynasty. By Tyler Williams

MAD BOW DISEASE – Two paddlers suffer the indignities of flying coach class and being targeted by kids wielding heavily armored water bazookas. Their reward: surfing Ecuador’s sicko coastal waves. By Drew Hayes

HIGH VOLTAGE – After hitchhiking from event to event, having his gear swiped, and bussing cross-country with the psyche ward, new-school pro Corey Volt is done with the dirty deeds. By August Bradley

ALBERTA MOUNTAIN DRAFT – Calgary’s finest six-pack of rivers runs just outside town. In town, the city’s distinct country-western influence ensures that you never have to ask for more cowbell. By Raymond Schmidt


BOMBER SQUAD – Former teammates from the U.S. Junior National Slalom Team rendezvous 15 years later for some expeditionary river-running in California's High Sierra.
By Ann Beman

ROYAL CANADIAN – World OC-1 champ Paul Danks says that effective time management is the key to repeat, yet he still shares a little of his precious time to sit down and talk with us. By Mike Kord

AIRPLAY – Inflatables are going places these days that would be nightmares to earlier-generation duckies, little more than oversized pool toys. By Brian Vogt

NILE HIGH – Two kayakers happily discover that their lives aren't continuously on the line while paddling Ethiopia's infamous Blue Nile. By Seth Warren

B.C. CHAMPAGNE – The secret's out on Tatlow Creek, British Columbia's hottest new creeking destination.By Bryan Smith


A selection of great photos.


MACHO MOVES – With today's shorter, higher-volume boats,
even a girly man with a good bow stall can learn this loop on a friendly green wave. By Eric Jackson

ODD ONE IN – One of the best in the business shares her
Top Ten tips for lady creeksters.
By Becky Bristow

BRACE YOURSELF – Even to the reigning rodeo champ, being able to prevent going over in the first place is every bit as important as rolling back up. By Eric Jackson


NEW PRODUCTS – An assortment of gotta-have goodies you'll want to add to your gear stash.

KAYAK REVIEW – A portfolio of hot 2006 models as well as the three Hood River hoodlums who got to put them to the test. By Christian Knight

PADDLE REVIEW – These creek paddles are indestructible and lightweight, transmit the feel of the water, and most important, provide power on demand. By Chris Joosse


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