ON THE COVER:Andrew Holcombe at the start of the 2007 Dagger Steep Creek Championship on Homestake Creek near Vail, Colorado. photo by Tom Bear


GALLERY – The world’s best paddling photographers spread out across the globe to fill our oh-so-sick album.

SPEED KINGS- John Grace and Tommy Hilleke on going fast, taking chances, and hucking meat. interview by Frederic Reimers

12 MONTHS OF WHITEWATER -Plan your best year ever with C & K’s guide to an endless spring. And summer. And winter and fall.


Team Jackson taps Canada’s maritime magic, Pat Camblin gets thrashed in Quebec.

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR – Kayak stuntman Marlow Long.

PROFILE – Cat woman Shelly Becker.

TRIP REPORT-One week in Ecuador

SKILLS -Throw down like Anthony Yap, travel the world like Trip Jennings.


New gear you need now. Paddling accesories to make your life easier.

KAYAK REVIEW-Whether you go short, go long, or go big, we’ve found the boat for you.

TAKE OUT-10 things you didn’t know about the Green Race.


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