In this award-winning film, we see not only the mad kayak skills but also the diverse personalities and backgrounds of Bryan Kirk, Andrew Holcombe, Nikki Kelly, Tanya Shuman, Jimmy Blakeney, and Steve Fisher.

The DVD, three years in the works, grew out of conversations that Jordan had with Jimmy Blakeney when the two were working at Adventure Quest several years ago.

“We just started talking about our interest in doing something that the kayak video industry hadn’t seen before, something with story line and character development,” Jordan said.

In the DVD we learn about Steve Fisher’s youthful flirtation with flatwater sprint, hear Nikki Kelly talk about being tough enough to make the big expeditions, and meet Tanya Shuman’s admiring niece and nephew. We also meet Jimmy Blakeney’s parents, who have radically disparate visions of the good life, and see how his early skateboarding prowess plays out in his approach to kayaking.

“My idea was to choose a variety of athletes from different backgrounds geographically, in gender, and in personality,” Jordan said. “I was looking for someone who could represent the aggressive, sponsor-driven athlete as well as someone who was there just for the love of the outdoors,” he said.

One of the most rewarding things was creating a story that could be appreciated by nonpaddlers as well as paddlers, Jordan said. “They can learn more about the sport by getting to know these individuals. My grandfather is in his 80s, and he said if he had it do all over again he’d try kayaking.”

Wet House won the National Paddling Film Festival Paddler’s Choice Award; was selected Paddling Film of the Year and Best Whitewater Film at the Reel Paddling Film Festival; and won the Adventure Category of the Waterwalker Film Festival.
Jordan is now exploring ways to show the film to people outside of the paddling world.

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Athlete profiles:

Ammen Jordan: Ammen is a paddler as well as an accomplished photographer and videographer with 10 years of professional experience.

Jimmy Blakeney: From freestyle to first descents, Jimmy has brought his skateboard and snowboard background-along with his style and progressive attitude-to the sport of kayaking. Visit Jimmy at

Steve Fisher: Known for his innovative freestyle skills and charismatic personality, Steve Fisher is one of the world’s greatest kayakers. Steve is South African by birth and world traveler by choice. Steve is considered the most innovative big water freestyle kayaker in the world. His charismatic personality, fearlessness and personal story place him in a league of his own.

Andrew Holcombe: Although only 24 years old, Andrew is a third generation kayaker, with 15 years of paddling experience. He is world-traveled and world-class. A pro in all aspects of the sport, Andrew recently took the silver medal at the 2003 World Championships.

Nikki Kelly: This New Zealand native has defined women’s paddling for the last 10 years with her incredible technique and flair in both freestyle and creekboating. Nikki is revered as the most talented and accomplished female expedition kayaker in the world today.

Bryan Kirk: Bryan is an extremely dynamic paddler. He is highly recognizable in both professional freestyle and extreme kayaking, with over 15 years of whitewater adventures under his belt.

Tanya Shuman: Tanya is one of the most recognizable and influential names in the sport of kayaking. Her ability has earned her an international reputation as a leader in her sport and role model to aspiring young women. Read more about Tanya at