When we last heard from the Rediscover North America canoe expedition, they were in Flin Flon, Manitoba, on their 5,200-mile journey from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. Since then, they’ve been making good time crossing the Canadian Shield, enjoying its spectacular camping and lining their boats up the pool-drop whitewater of the Churchill River. Recently, lightening storms set of a number of forest fires south of Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, which made for some stunning footage in the video update above and lots of smoke. The crew has remained safe, but may encounter some delays if fire conditions worsen.

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Read more about the impetus for the expedition, funded in part with the $2,500 Expedition Grant presented by Shred Ready, which was awarded to Winchell Delano's 2,600-mile Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition upon winning the 2013 Canoe & Kayak Awards Expedition of the Year.

The Rediscover North America canoe route.

The 5,200-mile Rediscover North America canoe route.