We’ve all been there. Every novice river canoeist has cut into an eddy without quite enough tilt, caught an edge, and watched the boat fill with a couple hundred gallons of water–probably more than once. Or we’ve hit a wave train that’s just a little too big with pretty much the same outcome. Either way, dragging a submerged canoe to shore afterwards is no easy task.

For decades, rafters and inflatable kayakers have enjoyed the benefits of self-baling boats, making both whitewater and capsizes easier to deal with and even allowing for mid-river self-rescues. Canoeists, for the most part, have been left swinging bail buckets. But that could be changing.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats just announced they’ll be making a drop-stitch, inflatable travel canoe with a self-bailing floor, and their 30-second promo video attests to its biggest advantages. There have been inflatable canoes made in the past with round tubes similar to IKs, but this is the first drop-stitch canoe that’s lines will resemble more traditional models. Check it out in the video above.

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