Penstock Productions announced the location and winner for the 2nd annual IR Vacation to Hell on September 15th, 2007 at the West Coast Sea Kayaking Symposium.

The winning team of the 2007 IR Vacation to Hell is Sweetwater, which consists of Mark Prator, Tim Keen, Russell Farrow, and Alain Cormier.

The winning team was selected from video applications submitted by the contestants.
View team Sweetwater’s winning video submission.

Now the hard part:Doing the expedition:

Sweetwater must complete a 385 mile mission from Baffin Island, across Devon Island, and ending at Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high arctic. The team will begin at Point Inlet on the northern end of Baffin Island and end at Grise Fjord on the southern end of Ellesmere Island.

The expedition will consist of 2 large open water crossings (45 miles and 60 miles), along with a 50 mile land crossing of Devon Island. Devon Island is the largest uninhabited island in the world.
The team has until September, 2008 to complete the mission.

Here is a
short film
describing the trip.

Apiring contestants can apply for next years Vacation to Hell (river kayak in ’08.) Check into the Vacation to Hell site for exact dates which will be announced sometime in the Fall of 2007.

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IR Vacation To Hell 2006
The Rio Huallaga

The mission was the Rio Huallaga, Peru and the winners were The Range Life.

The Rio Huallaga is the only main tributary of the Amazon that had yet to be kayaked successfully. The Rio Huallaga is part of the Andes Mountains and descends north over 700 miles in Peru.

Check out the blog from RangeLife for the trip details and photos: