Photos by Chuck Graham

Ventura, Calif., served up two very important things this weekend for the U.S. Waveski Nationals: Four- to five-foot surf and clean conditions, which the country's best competitors turned into dynamic rides while putting on a show in the wet weather.

"I'm stoked on everything," said event organizer Brian Kuszmar. "The judging went really smoothly and the timing system we invested in worked out awesome."

The event was paired with an SUP event that went on simultaneously. "There was a lot of mutual respect out there," Kuszmar said. "I think the guys on waveskis really opened a lot of eyes. I had so many of the SUP competitors tell me they couldn't believe the stuff these guys were pulling off."

Unfortunately, a pair of Australians stole the show as Blaire Moore and Steve Farthington finished one, two respectively. Tyler Lausten took third, winning the U.S. National Championship in the process, his second in as many years. "I was pumped to be able to hold on to my title," he said. "I know the Aussie's pretty well. Last year, at the Worlds, I knocked (Moore) out but he got me here. We're friends on the beach but there's a lot of jostling in the water."

For Blair, it was a warmup for the upcoming Australian Titles. "I came over to get competition ready," he said. "The waves were incredible and the conditions were some of the best I've seen in a while."

1. Blaire Moore
2. Steve Farthington
3. Tyler Lausten

1. Dennis St. Clair
2. Mike Wright
3. Dick Gallovay

Grand Master
1. Roger Adams
2. Mike Harrington
3. Eric Luhrs

1. Blaire Moore
2. Steve Farthington
3. Jeff Munson

1. Jim Grossman
2. Mike Harrington
3. Rick Haley

1. Winn Duming
2. Lucy O'Brien

1. Morne Eramus
2. Geogg Jennings
3. Francois Duming

New Age
1. Tyler Lausten
2. Kevin Mackinlay
3. Jim Gaffney

1. Jim Grossman
2. Vince Shay
3. Geoff Jennings

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