The Canoe Movie

Canoe Movie Promo from Lunch Video Magazine on Vimeo.

Sponsored by Canoe & Kayak magazine and premiering at the C&K/NRS party at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August, The Canoe Movie is a look into the passion and pride that is the whitewater canoeing community. Meet the characters who've shaped one of America's favorite pastimes into the sport it is today. From masochistic, adrenaline crazed extremeophiles to the Southern Gentlemen who built the foundation of whitewater canoesport, Canoe Movie provides a long overdue tribute to whitewater canoeing. Add archived footage from the sport's roots and brilliant, current imagery from both the core of the sport and it's outer fringes and you have a lighthearted and often humorous look into one of the most heckled sectors of whitewater sport.