From the Trade Association of Paddlesports:

Aug. 3, 2006 – At the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, an industry work group will be rolling out a draft plan for combining the Trade Association of Paddlesports and the Professional Paddlesports Association into one new group.

While we support much of what is in the Draft Action Plan, the TAPS Board of Directors needs to get some questions answered before moving ahead with unification. Early this fall the TAPS board will be making a decision on unification. Before we do, we need to know the costs to our members for the programs proposed in the Draft Action Plan. We need to know whether member liability exposure will be changed in any way. And we need to know what our members think of the notion of unifying the two associations.

During the OR Summer Market, TAPS will be soliciting the opinions of people in the Paddlesports industry about this proposed unification. Please stop by the TAPS booth beside the Paddle Tank at the show to register your thoughts.

TAPS – the Trade Association of Paddlesports – is a nonprofit trade association supporting the paddling industry in North America and the world. TAPS’ members are industry leaders and are dedicated to providing paddlers with the best in equipment, services, and experiences. TAPS represents manufacturers, retailers, outfitters, instructional centers, publications, and more throughout the Paddlesports industry, encompassing canoes, touring kayaks, whitewater kayaks, and rafts. TAPS also has Associate members, businesses that support the Paddlesports industry through legal, insurance, financial, online, and other services.