The Web site for Quebec brewer Unibroue suggests serving its Maudite Ale with pasta, red meat, stews, and spicy dishes. Which made me wonder, Is the maker of Prilosec their Web master? Indeed, I first tried this red ale after a day of chopping firewood, and Maudite – which contains 8 percent alcohol – went down like some kind of hydraulic log-splitter.

Still, Maudite’s Satanic-canoeing label made it a perfect Paddle Swill. The label is inspired by the legend of the Chasse-Galerie (Flying Canoe). The tale depicts a group of voyageur lumberjacks who had sold their souls to the devil, flying home in their canoes for Christmas. The devil, of course, was in the details, and apparently the fine print of their contract with the Prince of Darkness didn’t include anything about landing. The lumberjacks can still sometimes be seen at night-perpetually paddling in flight.

After my first experience with Maudite (the damned one), I later learned that it is better served cool, not cold. Equipped with this beta, I had a much better experience on my second go-round. The beer was smoother, and headier, as that 8-percent charge was given the chance to do its thing.

Who do I recommend for this beer? If you drink Bud Light, stop. Just kidding, but don’t waste your time with Maudite. If you like the Trappist Monks’ Chimay beers, Maudite beckons.

This might not be the beer to have if you’re having more than one, but purchased in a 25-ounce bottle, one is more than enough to alleviate the aches and pains of paddling all day – or night.