($435, $500 bent shaft, mitchellpaddles.com)
28 oz., 30 oz. bent shaft. Custom sized.

Peter Mitchell conjures up a powerful mixture of carbon composite and natural wood with his new Black Magic, a hand-crafted, high-end touring stick designed for paddlers who prefer shorter shafts, powerful strokes and full-size blades. Make paddling sorcery with the light, slightly curved, carbon over cedar blade, now with a carbon shaft.


($250, paddlesandoars.com)
30.4 oz.
Sizes: 132-145 cm and 145-158 cm

A performance paddling niche left Sawyer’s Jon “Shaggy” McLaughlin scratching his head: “I was wondering why no one made an ergonomic adjustable bent-shaft C-1 paddle,” says McLaughlin, who fills the gap with the new Venom C1. Available in two sizes, the Venoms have 5 inches of adjustable length travel (thanks to Sawyer’s Cam-Lock), an ergonomic, neutral grip and an aggressive “tulip”-shape blade profile. This eye-catching, rugged paddling tool strikes deep with a fiberglass-supported western red cedar and ash core blade reinforced by a carbon power face, Dynel edging and a ‘glass tip.