Today, Sept. 12, is River Lobby Day in Washington, DC!

As you read this, more than 130 river activists from across the country are walking the halls of Congress, meeting face-to-face with their elected officials, and delivering a message about the need to protect and restore rivers in our communities. Join them in your very own virtual lobby day by dialing for rivers today!

Today, we hope to generate a record number of phone calls to Congress from Americans who care about healthy rivers and clean water. The powerful combination of phone calls and in-person meetings will demonstrate to Congress how much Americans care about rivers and that we hold our elected leaders accountable for ensuring healthy rivers for our communities.

Please take a moment right now to call your Senators and Representative. Click this link to get contact information for your representative:

When you call, simply tell the person you speak with:
1. Your name and hometown, so they know you are a constituent

2. That you are one of the thousands of constituents who care about healthy rivers and clean water
3. That you would like your senator or representative to:
* Co-sponsor the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act, S. 912 and H.R. 1356.
* Support the Senate language reforming the Army Corps of Engineers project design and construction practices in the Water Resources Development Act, H.R. 2864.

Show your love for rivers by putting your fingers to work and letting your voice be heard. Together, we can make a difference.