With Game 1 of the 2010 World Series on tap for tonight in San Francisco, ticket prices — $900, say, for a bleacher seat — are again making headlines.

There are cheaper seats, of course, like certain floaters now available to fans — well, paddlers — keen to take in a Series game from McCovey Cove, which is the spit of Pacific Ocean just beyond right field at AT&T Park. Fans are free to launch on their own accord on just about anything that floats, but historically kayakers make up the Cove’s largest contingent — and, notably, the most adept at capturing home run balls. Now, according to the 7×7 website, Bay-area kayak companies are capitalizing on the commercial appeal of paddling McCovey Cove during the Series. Rental kayaks start at $95 for a game with Sea Trek Kayaking, according to thesite.

Sure, you might not be able to see much (any) of the game, but then again, same goes that $900 bleacher seat — and that doesn’t come with a paddle, or a halfway decent chance of getting wet.

And while, regrettably, we here at C&K won’t be in the McCovey Cove flotilla tonight, we encourage any C&K readers who are to be in touch with whatever mementos from the occasion, including photographs, video, war stories, home run balls, etc. -Tim Mutrie