Benjamin Orkin, Northern Canoe Gear Reviews, Xtratuf Legacy 15 in. Boot

“Alaskan tennis shoes”

By Benjamin Orkin

Xtratuf Legacy 15 in. Boot


Deciding what footwear to bring up North is challenging. It seems that there isn't one boot that does it all, and with limited space, tough decisions must be made. After much debate, Xtratuf's Legacy 15 in. Boots, also known as “Alaskan tennis shoes,” found their way to the top of our list and proved essential in the field. These durable, rubber coated neoprene, knee-high rubber boots kept our feet warm and dry on the river, in camp, while fishing, and even on portages. Convenience and comfort are two outstanding features as Xtratufs are quick to slip on and off, make loading/unloading a breeze as you don't have to worry about wet feet, and offer enough support to go for short hikes throughout the day. For extra comfort, be sure to back along a spare set of wool inserts to swap at the end of each day to help get rid of collected moisture.

Lesson learned the hard way: You will flood your boots. It's only a matter of time. Bringing a spare set of wool inserts or carefully shaking around hot rocks in the boot will help dry it. Also, Athlete's Foot can ruin a good trip, so be prepared.

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