If you are looking for a way to dial into the sustainable living lifestyle, now’s your chance to climb aboard and donate your old kayak, with proceeds benefiting American Whitewater.

Here’s how it works: Bring your beat-up old kayak, or those buried in a pile in your backyard, to the Liquidlogic Kayaks booth. Grab an American Whitewater tax deductible donation form and write-off the 2006 contribution. Participants will not only feel a tremendous sense of worth, but every person that donates a kayak will also be entered into a raffle with the chance to win one or all of the following pieces of new gear: (One raffle entry per donated kayak.)

Raffle sponsors and items:
_ Astral Buoyancy – Pfd
_ Immersion Research – Dry Top
_ Liquidlogic – WW Kayak
_ LVM – Lunch Video Magazine – DVDs
_ Patagonia – Recycled Apparel & Shopping Bags
_ Werner – WW Paddle

Partnering with PlastiCycle Corporation, out of Nashville, Tenessee, all donated kayaks will be “processed” at the festival, placed into collection bins, and transferred back to the PlastiCycle plant. Yep, sip on a refreshing pint and reminisce over old times, while attending your boat’s destruction ceremony.

Plasticycle Corporation, a recycler of all plastic materials no matter what the polymer (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, etc.) or the form it is in (_film, parts, grind, chunks, etc.) will pay market price for the solid commodity based on the accumulated plastic’s quality, weight, volume, and processing requirements. American Whitewater will then receive 100 percent of the net proceeds.

The recycle drive will accept all HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) kayaks; unfortunately, Crosslink plastic kayaks are not recyclable.

So out with your old kayak, and make a donation to American Whitewater at the 2006 Gauley Festival!