Not since Navin R. Johnson’s phone book arrived the 1979 movie The Jerk has there been such anticipation for a publication’s arrival. The premier issue of Canoe & Kayak‘s Destination Guide recently hit newsstands around the country. C&K Editor Ross Prather talks about putting the whole thing together.

C&K: So this is the first time that C&K has put together a Destination Guide. I think it’s safe to assume you weren’t just twiddling your thumbs waiting for something to do, what put it all in motion?

RP: Our new Destination Guide has actually been in the planning stages for the past few years. From time to time we conduct reader surveys, and these consistently show that the most important thing for them is learning about specific places in North America where they can go paddling. The Destination Guide is a direct result of that interest.

C&K: What was your favorite part of seeing this magazine come together?

RP: Besides scratching our readers’ itch, I think the best part was creating a new publication with such a fine focus.

C&K: What kind of paddlers will be interested in this magazine?

RP: I think there’s something for everyone, from young to old, flatwater to whitewater. Naturally we couldn’t include a nearby destination for everyone in just one issue. But as we produce subsequent editions, a collection of our Destination Guides will include all of the best places to paddle across the entire continent.

C&K: Don’t lie, Ross–will canoeists be happy with it?

RP: Since it includes classic canoe destinations like the Boundary Waters and Bowron Lake and Quetico Provincial Parks, I think canoeists will be more than happy with it. Nearly half of the destinations are canoe-specific, with the remainder more appropriate for whitewater or sea kayaking.

C&K: Any articles stand out for you?

RP:: Since I haven’t paddled either place yet, Larry Rice’s Allagash canoe story and Tom Bol’s Isle Royale kayaking piece are my favorites.

C&K:: Where can people get a copy?

RP: Larger newsstands, like those at Barnes & Noble bookstores, are a good bet. Most specialty outdoor and paddle shops are another. Otherwise, one can be ordered online or by calling (800) MY CANOE.