Paddling Club members,

We are updating our website at Canoe and Kayak ( We are improving our site and making it more timely and interesting. We are also trying to make it more useful to our readers and we have many newbie paddlers that check out our site looking on information on how to get started.

We are going to implement a new feature on our homepage which will highlite a different paddling club each week or so. We will feature a page specifically on your club.

What we are looking for on the updates are:(you can email me the information as a word file or any text file…no more than one page though)

  • history of the club…brief
  • current contact information for the club
    location etc.
  • paddles,events or announcements that are upcoming (I will email you when your club is being featured and ask for the current information a few weeks before so we can get timely information).
  • possibly a good photo showing paddling in your area
  • number of members
  • any other relevant information you might want to pass on to new and old members.
  • contact information to join your club

Thanks for your help…please email me us:
to have your club added.