Kayaker Brad Ludden has just been named Cosmopolitan magazine's world's sexiest bachelor. Yeah, that Brad Ludden—the one who used to be famous just for running the planet's gnarliest gnar and founding one of the paddling world's worthiest charities.

Now slutty women the world over will know his story too: Professional paddler. Chiseled abs and smoldering eyes. Flies his own plane. Spends his days helping kids with cancer. Spends his nights, well, wouldn't a Cosmo Girl like to know?

Brad still hasn't returned our call. Yet. Probably too busy signing over his $10,000 prize to First Descents, the non-profit he founded to introduce young people with cancer to paddling. Which goes to show Cosmo editors can find more than new erogenous zones. This time they found one very worthy sexy bachelor.

Brad Called Back!

After appearing on the Today Show, Inside Addition and at certain Manhattan
nightclubs, Ludden signed the billboard-sized check over to First Descents.
He dedicated the gift to the memory of Allan Goldberg, his good friend and
the charity’s first executive director. Goldberg died the same day Ludden
sat for the steamy portraits that helped him win Cosmo’s Sexiest
“Allan would have been the first person to give me a hard time for
posing for Cosmo with my hair slicked back and shirt unbuttoned,” Ludden says.

“It was a little embarrassing at first, but I did think that young
adults with cancer deserve to get $10,000. So I sent out one blast email
asking for support, and it just turned into this viral thing,” Ludden told
C&K (Yeah, we have his number. And no, we’re not giving it out, so
stop asking).

Ludden admits that the World’s Sexiest title is a “pretty good pickup
line,” but he’s not about to go all Hollywood. Next month he’s getting back
to his roots, with a month-long first descent of the Betsiboka River in
Madagascar. Nothing but good friends, bad food and 200-plus kilometers of
Class V+. “We’re getting the band back together,” he says. “It’s a huge
mission. Huge bro. We’re talking legendary.”

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