On the cover – An Outward Bound kayaker paddles through a tide-sculpted sea arch in Kenai Fjords national Park.
photo by:
Doug Demarest


DAY 26

One of the most memorable days of an extraordinary canoe journey down Arctic Canada’s Back River is dominated by a never-ending protage that tests the mettle of six young, but determined, women.
By Lauren M. Whaley


For a pair of mountaineers-turned-kayakers, lazy paddling near Loreto or LaPaz just didn’t cut it as a baja adventure. Instead, they opted to go for the gusto and attempt a Sea of Cortez crossing via the seldom-visited Midriff Islands.
By Matt Jackson


outward Bound students learn the fundamentals of wilderness survival and kayak touring in one of the continent’s most spectacular seascapes:Alaska’s Kenai Fjords.
By Michael Engelhard

New Products
Review: Digital Cameras for Paddlers
Review: Inflatable Touring Kayaks
Review:Verlen Kruger Book


Gauley River, West Virginia
It’s gauley fest time, so take your boat, guitar, and neoprene can holders to this shrine to hydroelectric derailment.
by Katie Johnson

Dog Island, Florida
Does the stress of your daily commute have your flipping off your spouse? Decompress in a Gulf of Mexico Oasis.
by Michael Wisenbaker

North American Junkets
Witness nature’s crayon box on a brilliant autumnal paddle.


His Mother’s Keeper
Fighting through the anguish of his mother Janet’s death gave new meaning to Brandon Nelson’s worl-record quest.

Recreation vs. Preservation
American Whitewater files suit for access to the upper Chattooga.

Banjo Boaters
Bluegrass meets Beethoven meets Metallica. This you’ve got to hear.

Grace Under Pressure
Videographer John Grace goes to extremes to capture footage for 921 B.C.


Skegs and Rudders
Preventive maintenance will stave off trouble.
by Andy Knapp

All-Around Skills
Wilderness travel demands versatility.
by Cliff Jacobson

Sea Kayak, Whitewater, and Canoe Techniques
Capsize and Exit by Nigel Foster, Get a Bombproof Brace by Mary DeRiemer, and Canoe Technique by Steve Salins.



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