Ocean Fun
Enlightened Kayaks' T16.0, designed by John Winters and made of DuraLight thermoformed material, combines stability and efficiency. It is 16 feet long, 24 inches wide, and weighs 52 pounds. $1,199. (859) 426-8380; www.enlightenedkayaks.com.

Bright Light
The Pelican MityLite 3N LED Flashlight is water resistant, has a brilliant LED beam, an unbreakable body, and fits in your pocket. $15. (800) 473-5422; www.pelican.com.

EK Ekcessories will keep your stuff afloat. Oval Float Key Cat, $3.49, a neoprene Eyewear Retainer, $4.99, and the Barrel Float Cat, $7.99. (435) 753 8448; www.ekusa.com.

Easy Care
Adventure Medical Kits has redesigned its kits into injury-specific compartments that include only those contents essential for proper treatment. Day Tripper, $38. (800) 324-3517; www.adventuremedicalkits.com.

Camp Convenience
The Top-Shelf traveling table from GCI Outdoor provides you with not only additional surface area but also an out-of-the-way place to store your trash. $33. (800) 956-SEAT; www.gcioutdoor.com

Sleep Soft
Exped's inflatable Down Mattress packs small and light, but its goose-down stuffing offers superior insulation. $139. www.exped.com.

Fast Track
The Balanced Wing Rudder for sea kayaks by WildWasser, constructed of glass-filled nylon, is an efficient blade that produces less drag than traditional rudders. (303) 444-2336; www.wildwasser.com.

Hold On
Riverside Cartop Carriers' Paddle Kit foam blocks use otherwise empty bar space to carry paddles safely. $18. (800) 292-2904; www.riversidecartop.com.

The Gemini IV from Cricket Designs is the latest in their line of fine hand-made canoe paddles, designed for cruising with a very thin blade protected by Dynel edging. $245. (800) 243-0586; www.cricketdesigns.com.

In Motion
The Plunge Drytop from NRS is made of waterproof/breathable Entrant, with stretch panels running from the shoulder blades under the arms to conform with your movements. $210. (800) 635-5202; www.nrsweb.com.

Drink Up
Sawyer's Water Filter features the Innova two-stage biological filter system, and meets EPA recommendations for removal of bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium,
and E. coli. $35. (800) 940-4464; www.sawyerproducts.com.