Portable Speed
The Sea Eagle 12.10 is a fast inflatable with an innovative thrree-tube hull configuration. The kayak is 12 feet 10 inches long and 26 inches wide, and weighs 26 pounds. Packages start at $999. www.seaeagle.com.

Solid Fit
The Feathercraft Wisper has cockpit bracing bars to enable small and medium paddlers to lock in to the boat. It’s 15 feet 7 inches long and 23.5 inches wide.Choose between a lightweight or sturdier skin. $2,933. www.feathercraft.com

Easy Boat
The Tsunami 145 from Wilderness Systems melds the ease of a recreational kayak with the features of a touring kayak. It’s 14 feet 6 inches long and 24.5 inches wide. $1,200. www.wildernesssystems.com.

Fold and Go
Grabner’s Discovery 1
is a hybrid, a folding inflatable kayak with a rigid hull. It’s 15 feet long and 26 inches wide, and weighs 47 pounds. It packs into two bags. $2,995. www.grabner-sports.at.

Fast Touring
The new Force from Impex is designed to be a fast long-distance touring kayak, with a shallow-V hull and little rocker. It’s available in three sizes. Here, the Force 5 is 18 feet long and 20.75 inches wide and wighs 58 pounds. $2,775. www.impexkayak.com.

Canoe Heritage
Navarro Canoe
marries handcrafted wooden ribs with a lightweight composite hull the create the Legacy, a stable, fun family canoe. It’s 13 feet long and 38 inches wide. $1,660. www.navarrocanoes.com.