The United States Rafting Association voted unanimously on Jan. 7 to hold this
year's national championship event at the Payette Boise River (PBR)
Festival in Idaho which takes place May 31 – June 2. International
Rafting Federation (IRF) rules and expectations in this area were
reviewed by the USRA in selecting an appropriate host for 2008.

Due to the need for timeliness in making a decision on the location for
this year's event (which is only five months away), the USRA elected to
forego a public bid application process for the next two years only.

A public bid application process will go into effect when selecting the
2010, and 2011 venues, just as soon as the USRA amends and approves the
bylaws in this area. The USRA has decided that the 2009 event will be
hosted in Maryland. The USRA made an internal decision
for the next two nationals events so that event coordinators,
organizers, and sponsors could effectively and thoroughly promote and
manage the event in a comprehensive manner.

The board intends to have a communicative Web site up shortly. Questions,
suggestions, volunteers, interested sponsors, etc, will be able to
communicate through that site once it is online. In the interim, the
USRA asks that all interested persons get the word out and attend the
PBR Idaho Nationals event.

Six-person paddle raft teams, men's and
women's, will compete in sprint, slalom, and downriver races to
determine who will represent the USA at the World Championships which
will be held in Bosnia in May of 2009. Please refer to the IRF website
for more specific rules regarding paddle raft competition.

PBR event coordinators have indicated that they will include a cataraft
division for their event. There will also be a variety of kayaking
events at the PBR. Those events do not fall
under the USRA umbrella at this time.

This is an exciting time in the world of whitewater paddling and it's
supportive communities. The USRA humbly asks that all are patient with
as they develop our infrastructure and we certainly welcome all forms
of positive energy and support.

The PBR Revival is the Payette/Boise River Revival. It is the host of the 2008 National Rafting Championships. It is a three day festival including kayaking and rafting events. Please visit www.pbrkayakevent.comfor more details.

The United States Rafting Association (USRA) is the governing body of
raft racing in the United States. It works with the International
Rafting Federation and other national governing bodies throughout the
world to make sure the United States is represented in international
raft racing competition. The USRA also strives to promote the sport of
raft racing in the United States from a local level to a national level.
Teams selected through the National Championships (Whitewater Cup)
represent the United States in international competition.