Judy Schmidt at Priest and Round Lakes, Idaho. Photo: Aaron Schmidt

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the holiday where we all remember who brought us into this world and helped raised us to become who we are today. We give them flowers, offer breakfasts in bed and display our affections in other ways just to say thanks.

Mothers all have in common the love they bare their children, the sweat and tears of raising them and the laughs and memories that develop along the way. Canoe & Kayak wanted to recognize the water mommas. Below are a few stories of mothers and children celebrating family on the water.

Sharing Whitewater With My Mother

When I tell people I go kayaking with my mom, they never picture us practicing our boof strokes at "Bayless' Boof" on the Upper Green River or crashing through holes on the Rio Pacuare in Costa Rica.

Being a Boating Mother

My son needs a momma, and I want to be around to watch him grow up. It has made me more thoughtful when considering what to boat and with whom I boat.

Competing in Freestyle Kayaking While Pregnant

Just this past weekend I got to compete at the US Freestyle Team Trials. I have been a member of the U.S. team for 10 years, and I was excited at the prospect of competing to be a part of the team once again. This time was a touch different, and if you had asked me about it several months ago I wouldn't have thought it would even be possible.

Photo: Crystal Main

Boating with a Baby Bump

Last fall, I found out I was pregnant. Through the following months, I learned the limits and surprises that came with being pregnant during the winter boating season.

Photo: Aaron Schmidt

Mother’s Day Paddles

What better thing to do on Mother's Day this year (Sunday, May 12, for you forgetful types) than to take mom paddling on a medium responsible for all life itself?