Up the Mississippi

Update No. 1 from Rediscover North America's Gulf-to-Arctic Canoe Expedition

No one said paddling from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean would be easy. Yet a month into their ambitious nine-month, 5,200-mile route, the six-man Rediscover North America crew seems to be taking its upstream strokes in stride, averaging 20-25 miles a day. Here trip-mates Winchell Delano and Luke Kimmes walk us through the highlights of the first 27 days paddling up the Atchafalaya River, and then crossing over to begin the long slog up the mighty Mississippi.

Sometimes the route upriver can be a drag..

Sometimes the route upriver can be a drag..

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Read more about the impetus for the expedition, funded in part with the $2,500 Expedition Grant presented by Shred Ready, which was awarded to Delano's 2,600-mile Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition upon winning the 2013 Canoe & Kayak Awards Expedition of the Year.