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Brothers on the Bashkaus – Perestroika, pork fat and homemade rafts.
By Eugene Buchanan

Legends on the Steel – Step aside, Brangelina. Meet canoeing’s celebrities.

By Larry Rice

Peter Bray Unfiltered – Expedition paddler, hired gun. “I am not a mercenary.”



The cross-bow draw, skeg control and how to live in your van.

Breakdown – Apostle Island.

T & E: $300 – Coffee and rebirth in the San Juans.

Radius: 100 – Your LA connection.

Red Canoe – It’s 27 below . Get the paddles.


Andrew McAuley is lost within sight of land, kayak porn comes of age,plus, a master boat builder and a whopping fish story.

Ask Eddy – Hitch-hiking, acid rain, and polypro funk.

The Paddling Life -Let my children paddle.


Essays from the Field – Chapter one , discovery. Chapter two, loss.


An American classic, camping tech and touring canoe paddles reviewed.

Editor’s Note

Rants and Raves
Take Out