Aug. 17 – Part of the traditional color of whitewater racing venues around the world is the collection of names paddlers give to various drops, holes, and other features that have a distinct character. The brand new Olympic course in Athens, as a just finished artificial course lacks this colorful descriptive vernacular.

Well leave it to our guys. Seems that Scottie Parsons decided that the unavoidable faceful of saltwater each paddler gets between gates 17 and 18 would be less unpleasant if you just thought of it as drinking a margarita.

Instantly that section of the new course is now known among all the competitors as Margaritaville. So heavy on the salt, but with no tequila – remember anti-doping control comes after the finish line.!

It is be interesting to see how many other sections of the new course will acquire nicknames during the Olympic events. Of course we expect our colorful USA whitewater team to lead the world in this important category.