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It’s rare that Mount McKinley can be seen so clearly. A solo paddler seizes the opportunity on Wonder Lake in Alaska’s Denali National Park. Photo by Michael DeYoung


Hidden Beauty – Iran’s veil of secrecy is momentarily lifted by a group of Western river-runners, revealing a land of stunning beauty with untapped paddling potential. Follow along as they encounter tumultuous whitewater, as well as a society that is intimidating yet welcoming, and eager to learn more about the outside world. By Becky Bristow

Mammoth Find – On an exploratory canoe trip to assess the Yukon’s Blackstone River, a guided party not only finds that it is indeed a great wilderness paddling destination, but also discovers something unexpected from the river’s wild and woolly past.
By Todd Shapera

Escalante Calling – The lure of a seldom-paddled river is too much to resist after record snowfall in the high country above Utah’s canyon lands. By Larry Rice


Green River, Colorado – Kids, canoes and dinosaur clues. Two families combine archaeology class and Tom Bol

San Juan River, Utah – You haven’t floated a desert river until you’ve seen the sunset glow of these riverside sandstone spires. By Lin Alder

Urban Day Trips: Reno – The downtown whitewater park is helping the biggest little city in the world polish its randy rep. By Mike Kord


Chute to Thrill – Parachutist Miles Daisher takes playboating to an unprecedented level. By Mike Kord

Veterans Day – Soldiers are returning from the Middle East with less than what they left with. D.C. boaters are helping to fill the void. By Mike Kord

The Making of a Dynasty -Young Gun Productions’ latest DVD is its boldest ever.

Q&A: Justine Curgenven – The time is now for this daring British filmmaker who led the first all-female team to circumnavigate Tasmania.

TO Russia with Love – An international team of kayakers shows that their hearts are as big as the whitewater they run.


T’ai Chi Paddling – Practice on shore for better boating. By Betsey Foster

Sea Kayak Technique – How does your skirt fit?
By John Meyer

Canoe Technique – Tips for solo canoeing. By Steve Salins

Whitewater Technique – Lean forward for performance.By Mary DeRiemer


New Products – By the Editors

REVIEW: Gloves and PogiesBy Berne Broudy
REVIEW: New Rec BoatsBy Libby Bliss








DOWN THE STREAM– Look for these feature in upcoming issues

Return to Tip Top Mountain– Completing a trip begun by his father, who died enroute, a paddler and his son venture down Ontario’s White River and up its highest mountain, overlooking Lake Superior.

The Glass is Always Greener – Using the sea’s greens and blues as inspiration, a kayaker in Washington’s San Juan Islands creates water-themed glass art when he’s not our paddling on it.