Fresh from the wilds of Mozambique, another Scientific Exploration Society team of explorers is planning to take their research, kayaking, and diving skills to Madagascar Masoala Peninsula in November 2003, to continue their role at the forefront of scientific exploration.

The team will venture up to the northeastern corner of the island, much of which remains unexplored, to dive in the most pristine and diverse coral reefs Madagascar has to offer, surrounded by breeding grounds for humpback whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

The team will conduct research in line with the needs of park authorities, ANGAP and The Wildlife Conservation Society, assisting them with the provision of baseline data to aid management decisions in the area much of which remains unexplored, particularly by dive teams. Research will involve carrying out biodiversity inventories and identification of Madagascar's spectacular corals and fish using Reef Check monitoring methods. The society has also been asked to survey and monitor, for the first time, highly endangered green turtle populations known to nest on the eastern side of the Peninsular from November. The work will also involve identifying ways to help conserve turtle populations in conjunction with the local communities. The team will travel by kayaks between very rustic camps set up around our research bases along the peninsular.

Applicants are invited from self-funded volunteers with as diverse a range of skills as possible. The society is looking for experienced kayakers familiar with open-water sea crossings, along with divers who will need to be qualified to at least PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent. They also invite non-diving applicants, as some research can be done by snorkel. Team skills should include knowledge of ecological monitoring procedures, basic French and First Aid.

For an application form please contact Sarah Rundell at Expedition Base, telephone 01747 854898; e-mail: More information is available at website: Cost is about $5,600 U.S. includes international and internal airfares, equipment, accommodation, food, transport/support, plus comprehensive insurance tailored to sub-aqua diving.