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On the Cover:Paddle-rafting Costa Rica’s Rio Reventazon.
Photo by Paul Villecourt.


Adventures in Tasmania – Ecology and Culture in the land beyond the seas.
By John Bowermaster

Living Grand – A guide’s eye view of the Grand Canyon.
By Kyle George


Wonder Women – Female sea kayakers forge a new golden age.
By Jeff Moag

Guidance Counselor – Hate your job? Wanna paddle more? See the Guidance Counselor.

By Kate Stepan

Ask Eddy – Worst Movie Ever – Eddy’s got Answers.

The Amazing Alpaca Raft – “I was a full-grown man wearing a bathtub in public.”

By Eugene Buchanan


Portage Like a pro. Cliff Jacobson.

Bracing for action – Jen Kleck’s low-brace pointers.

T & E: $300 – Canyon Couture. Frugality and freedom on the Colorado. by Sam Moulton.

Radius: 100 – Canoeing and kayaking in D.C.

Red Canoe – Red, and the wearin’ o’ the green.


Essays from the Field – Aleutian Ghosts by Jon Bowermaster.

Essays from the Field – Kidnapped on the Klamath. by Bob Woodward.


five inflatable kayaks reviewed and four fab PFDs and a selection of summer camping gear.

Stanislav Chladek Unfiltered – Expedition kayaker,scientist.

Editor’s Note

Rants and Raves
Take Out