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On the Cover:Testing fishing kayaks in northern Baja, Mexico.
Photo by Rober Zaleski.

Denver, Colorado – Get wet in the high country.
By Doug Schnitzspahn

Isla Prohibida, Cuba – Fidel Castro is sitting on the Western hemisphere’s biggest untapped paddling stash.
By Lee Jeffries

The Rupert That was – Canoeing a condemend river.
By Steve King


Paddle Tales – Notes from the field.
By Sam Cook

Cortez Consequences – A man and his dog in Baja.
By Tom Bie


Redfish Revival – the Gulf coast cult of kayak fishing.
By Tom Bie

Telling on the Mountains – The writing of whitewater’s new gospel.
By Ryan Graff

Hydro Empowerment – rivers unite kids from Harlem and Uganda.
By Ryan Graff

Different Strokes – golf is a lot like kayaking……
By Eugene Buchanan

Guidance Counselor – Hate your job? Wanna paddle more? See the Guidance Counselor. this month Kate visits the paddling professor.

By Kate Stepan

Ask Eddy -Jacques Moosteau – Eddy’s got Answers.

Polarized Program – We review the some great peeper protectors – sunglasses.

By Kate Stepan

Go Fish – A kayak angler’s toolkit.

By Paul Lebowitz

Baja Proving Grounds- Testing the newest fishing kayaks in Mexico.

By Paul Lebowitz


Bow stall with Eric Jackson. as told to Megan Michelson.
Lose the Boat- by Alan Kesselheim.

Stern Rudder. as told to Megan Michelson.

Flipping Out. Self-resuce with the Capistrano Fip. by Conor Mihell.

T & E: $300 – Canyon Couture. Frugality and freedom on the Colorado. by Sam Moulton.

Radius: 100 – Canoeing and kayaking in D.C.

Red Canoe – Leg three – Kayak Fishing Pioneer .

Jim Sammons Unfiltered – Kayak Fishing Pioneer.

Editor’s Note

Rants and Raves
Take Out