Jay Kincaid, the 2003 World Kayak Champion and five-time US kayak team member, announced today he is retiring from competitive kayaking.

The 30 year old Reno resident has won kayak competitions in seven countries and was the major force in organizing the first annual Reno River Festival.

“I have accomplished every competitive goal that I set for myself. While I am still physically able to compete at the highest level, I just don't have the same desire I did 17 years ago,” Kincaid said. “Last year at the 2007 World Championships I realized that I didn't enjoy what I was doing anymore, and that I would rather only be kayaking for the same reason I started, for fun.”

Last week, Kincaid announced he was going to work for Glacier Glove, a Reno-based company that manufactures specialty, harsh environment gloves for the outdoor industry. Kincaid will help design and market the company's new paddle sports line.

“I love the paddle sports industry and I feel blessed that kayaking has given me so many great memories, brought me great friends and my wife,” said Kincaid. “I would also like to thank the many sponsors that I've had over the last 15 years and hope they know I took pride in the effort of being worth more than I was paid.”