If you’re just getting started in paddlesports and don’t really know where to begin, this is the book for you!

Written by former Canoe & Kayak magazine editor Dennis Stuhaug, the book offers easy-to-understand, detailed iinstructions for everything from choosing your first boat, to outfitting it just right for your intended purposes, to tackling the lakes, rivers, and oceans around you. Paddlers with more experience may enjoy the book as well, for insight into canoe and kayak design, and the chapter on building your own boat.

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Stuhaug sprinkles nugets of wisdom throughout the book as “The Old Paddler Says,” that sound as though they come from personal experience: “The Old Paddler Says, wear a shower cap when you stick your head into the cockpit to place the seam tape between the two halves of your mold. You really don’t want to fiberglass your hair to your boat or to your scalp.”

Other highlights include how paddling techniques have evolved through the years, trip planning, when to seek a guide and how to hire one, and how to take your kids paddling safely.

The book is nicely compartmentalized, so you can pick and choose what parts you're interested in, and take things one step at a time. And it offers a complete list of resources at the end, so you can further pursue your interests in this diverse sport.