Three intrepid kayakers, Chris Duff, Shawna Franklin, and Leon Sommé, are planning to circumnavigate Iceland this summer. They will depart from Syedisfjordur in June and attempt to paddle around the entire island nation in less than four months.

Duff is a veteran of big solo trips on challenging waters, and a noted paddling author as well. On Celtic Tides chronicles his journey around Ireland, and Southern Exposure, his latest book, is about a solo circumnavigation of New Zealand’s South Island. He has also paddled the eastern third of the United States, and circumnavigated the island of Great Britain.

Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé are also experienced, advanced sea kayakers. Franklin is the first and only (to date) American woman to be awarded the British Canoe Union’s (BCU) 5 Star sea award. Duff and Sommé have achieved the 5 Star sea award as well.

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