Going it Alone
Solo sea kayaking ups the ante

In the July issue, Canoe and Kayak magazine will delve into one of sea kayaking's most intimate aspects: solo paddling.

Solo kayaking is at once scorned and admired: scorned for its lack of self-perseverance; admired for the skill and confidence it takes to successfully pull off. There is arguably no greater challenge than conquering your fears and that of god's great ocean by going it alone on an extended expedition.

But we need your help. Who has attempted and/or finished the greatest solo paddles of all time? Is it Freya Hoffmeister's bold rounding of Australia or Ed Gillet's audacious crossing from California to Hawaii? Maybe you're more inclined to go with Sean Morley's rounding of Vancouver Island in world record time. Then there's the incredible solo attempt of Andrew McAuley on the Tasman sea between Australia and New Zealand that proved deadly. Please comment below and give us your nominations for the greatest solo sea kayak expeditions ever.