C&K Goes Inside The Mind Of An Unstoppable Force

Freya Hoffmeister recently completed one of the most audacious sea-kayaking expeditions in history, a 9,000-mile circumnavigation of the Australian continent, alone and mostly self-supported.

But you already knew that.

Canoe & Kayak's May cover story delves deeply into how she accomplished this extraordinary feat. The answer, masterfully drawn out by writer Joe Glickman, lies in Freya's outsized personality.

Look for the May issue, on sale now.

A Tale of Two Covers

C&K art director Robert Zaleski shot our May cover of Freya Hoffmeister in San Diego Feb. 6, as she began her victory tour of kayak shops and symposiums on the U.S. West Coast. For the cover at left, Freya jumped into an Epic surfski on Mission Bay, balancing the tippy craft easily with her paddle poised on her head, while Rob and his "assistants" (C&K editor Jeff Moag and intern Marshall Meier) prepped the lights. The cover at right was photographed a few minutes later at Aqua Adventures Kayak Center, which hosted Freya in San Diego.

We had an awfully hard time choosing between these two. The close-up photo captures Freya's intensity in a way that is obvious if you've ever met her—she's a dreamer and supremely determined. The surfski shot shows her in her element, and it leaves no doubt that this is the cover of a paddling magazine.

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