Kayaks and sailboats go together like, well . . . like a loon chick and its parent . . . like a frog and a lily pad . . . like a boat for shoreline exploration and the mother ship which carries it into the wilderness. Each is a quiet getaway vessel capable of operating independently. But together they are much more than the sum of their parts.

With a sailboat as the mother ship, a kayaker can reach areas in paradise which are otherwise inaccessible. Many sailors are discovering that kayaks travel well aboard a cruising sailboat and work well as a means of peaceful exploration once the anchor is set.

The founding editors of Good Old Boat magazine (who cruise with a double kayak on the side deck) have realized that it’s only fair to let coastal and lake kayakers in on the secret: by cruising with their kayaks aboard a sailboat they’ll expand the distance they can travel and they’ll no longer spend time setting up and breaking down camp (sleeping and cooking aboard is almost luxurious compared with camping).

“Because we enjoy paddling in quiet anchorages, we’re offering a free Sailing Starter Kit for kayakers who are curious about combining sailing with paddling,” says Karen Larson, founder of Good Old Boat.

“We want to acquaint kayakers with the possibility of expanding their horizons by sailing to their destination and paddling from there.”

The Sailing Starter Kit includes a short primer on the basics of sailing, resources for would-be sailors (books, websites, video recommendations), information about how to tie a few basic knots, and a copy of Good Old Boat magazine (of course) with no strings attached. Good Old Boat focuses on “the affordable dream:” the purchase, maintenance, and enjoyment of affordable used cruising sailboats.

To receive your Sailing Starter Kit by mail, request it by email: mark@goodoldboat.com; by phone: 701-952-9433; or online: www.goodoldboat.com/kayakers.html.