I was recently returning a rental car in North Dakota after freezing paddling trip. There was a blizzard outside and the wind chill was way below zero. One of the employees came out of the cold and asked his co-worker, "Do they make insulated dress pants?" I pointed down at the flannel-lined Carhartts I was wearing. Although it might be a stretch to call the Twill Dungarees "dress pants" in some circles, they fit the bill for a dirtbag paddler. With silky soft fabric that's about as far from traditional work pant canvas as you can get and an extra layer of insulation, I've worn the Twill Dungarees around the campfire on a chilly canoe trip one week and to air-conditioned office meeting the next.

Click the links below to read about each pant:

Prana Bronson Lined Pant

Ultra warm with freedom of movement for active tasks.

Prana Boyfriend Lined Denim Pant

A built-for-comfort women’s jean with a thick flannel lining.

Mountain Khakis Flannel Original Mountain Jean

Excellent build quality and impeccable style for moderate temps.

Prana Women’s Lined Halle Pant

Stretchy active pants with a thin fleece lining.

Mountain Khakis Flannel Original Mountain Pant

Baggy, warm, and perfect for relaxing.

Field Tested: Lined Pants for cold comfort

All our favorite lined pants for cold paddling adventures.