By Benjamin Orkin

After paddling nearly 1,200 miles in the Canadian Arctic over a 95-day period with my younger brother Sam, we had ample opportunity to see what critical paddling gear held up after heavy use in the field. Faced with hundreds of miles of upstream travel, numerous portages, unpredictable weather, frozen lakes and canyons, and enough bugs to drive anyone insane, the following are items we wouldn't leave home without on the next trip.

Original Bug Shirt: Elite Edition

Rugged and versatile, this shirt will keep the bugs away.

Xtratuf Legacy 15 in. Boot

Tough muck boots to keep your feet dry for muddy landings and wet portages.

Arc'teryx Beta AR Pants

Gear up for foul weather with rain pants that won’t let you down.

SnapDragon Canoe Pogies

SanpDragon’s durable canoe-specific pogies provide both warmth and dexterity.

Carhartt Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree

A durable and comfortable work pant to resist wear and tear in rough terrain.