In January and February of 2009, New York City based kayaker Marcus Demuth will attempt to circumnavigate all 776 Falkland Islands by sea kayak, a journey of over 850 Miles. The goal of the expedition is to be the first kayaker to successfully circumnavigate the 776 Falkland Islands and to document and study the marine wild life of the fairly inaccessible outer Falkland Islands.

The stakes (and the winds) for the success of Marcus’ 2009 Around Falklands Expedition are high: two British Special Forces teams and an expedition of two US kayakers tried, but failed to circumnavigate the Falklands, located 300 miles east of Cape Horn in the South Atlantic Ocean, with one of the 3 unsuccessful expeditions claiming a casualty. If Marcus succeeds he will be the first kayaker in history to do so.

Because of the Falklands’ small population, harsh climate, and isolation, most of the 776 Falklands Islands are not only uninhabited, but also completely untouched by humans for many decades. The wildlife on the Falklands is especially spectacular on these fairly inaccessible outer islands (such as the Jason Islands), featuring penguin colonies, large sea lions up to 700 pounds, elephant seals up to 3.5 tons, pods of orcas, and aggressive fur seals.

Past expeditions brought Marcus, under the sponsorship of Kokatat, Lendal Paddles and Nigel Dennis Kayaks, to Iceland (a country Marcus will revisit in 2009 for a second attempt to circumnavigate), Ireland, the South and West Coast of Australia, and Chile/Patagonia.

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