It was an Australasia sweep at the 2010 Teva Mountain Games Bud Light Lime Steep Creek Championships on Homestake Creek Thursday as Tanya Faux (AUS) and Sam Sutton (NZ) took the top female and male spots this year in this Class V paddling speed comp.

Faux placed second in the Steep Creek Championship in ’09, ’06 and ’05 and frequently trades wins with fellow Teva teammate Nikki Kelly (placing 3rd this year). Sutton is one the world’s top expedition kayakers and is no stranger to the winner’s circle this week, having won the Paddling Life Pro Invitational creek race on Monday in Steamboat Springs.

Homestake Creek, near Vail, Colo, barrels into the Eagle River with rapids affectionately called “Leap of Faith” and “Piece of S**t.” Fans and fellow kayakers looked on this year as the top paddlers in the sport made some of the fastest runs the creek has seen in the race's history.


WOMEN (Combined time after two runs)
1. Tanya Faux – 4:05.75
2. Martina Wegman – 4:19.70
3. Nikki Kelly – 4:25.69

MEN (Combined time after two runs)
1. Sam Sutton – 3:41.98
2. Andrew Holcombe – 3:43.82
3. Tao Berman – 3:46.20