Canoe and Kayak readers know Jim Baird for his in-your-face skill tutorials and canoe adventures with his brother Ted. The most adventurous member of the Baird family, however, might just be Jim’s dog Buck, as this collar-cam video attests.

This summer Buck and Jim spent nearly a month descending the East Branch of the Natashquan River in northern Quebec, filming an adventure series that will debut on next spring. Jim describes the trip as something of an epic slog: “We had one portage that lasted for 19 hours. Prior to that we portaged around a 150′ falls and then ran four kilometers of continuous Class II and III whitewater in a closed-in canyon.”

Judging by this footage from Buck’s Garmin VIRB XE point-of-view camera, though, the trip was nothing but fun for a canoe dog. Not that the Husky didn’t earn his kibbles. “We had a bear come into camp,” Jim says, “and Buck charged him and scared him off!”


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This is how doggy royalty rolls. Screen capture.